"Sarno river sunset" Oil on 20x50 cm. linen canvas

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Autumn scenes

I have spent a few weeks in a new experiment: painting from some photos of a friend of mine, the Belarus photographer Irina Prikhodko
( http://daykiney.deviantart.com/ ).
I did ask for permission to use her works as referring images.

2016 30X30 oil on panel

After fishing
2016 80X60 oil on panel

It is a very interesting experiment because the great professionalism of Irina in addition to her poetic feminine sensibility, allows me to spend pleasant hours to paint without having to be distracted with the compositions that would never be at the eight of a such poet of the image.

Sometimes I follow very faithfully her photos, but sometimes instead I like to limit myself to give a sense of light and tone, as if I were singing for myself, without worrying about the time, the rhythm but trying to keep only the tone.

2016 30X30 oil on panel

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