"Sarno river sunset" Oil on 20x50 cm. linen canvas

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Today is a sad day of Scirocco.
Muggy and heavy for the pressure that the wind Scirocco causes, not to mention the dust that unleashes allergies.
An already used canvas is great for a quick recycling that makes to spend the day working in the studio.
So taking advantage of the beautiful view of my house, I let myself be impressed by the colors I see, imagining being on a near hill.

Sad Scirocco day
2016 20x50 cm
oil on canvas

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I bought some canvas panels to bring in my next outputs for plein air painting.

As I've never used them, I decided to do a trial run to see how they act with my cheap oil paints.

I did a small still life from life and a fantasy landscape.

 Spring still life
2016  25x20 cm
Oil on panel

Coming evening in Sarno valley
2016  25x20 cm
Oil on panel
Is it true that you have to spend some money for materials, choosing the good ones?

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Morning at the seaside

Only half an hour's journey to get to Vietri sul Mare, one of the most beautiful towns of the Amalfi coast and elegant.
So I went up early this morning on the deserted beach, and I placed my new easel.
In this period the weather is very beautiful and we enjoy the spring and summer at the same time.
So early in the morning we have the veiled and soft lighting of the Spring and in the afternoon the heat of the coming summer already burns the grass and the wild plants.

Vietri beach
2016 20x50 cm
oil on canvas

Friday, June 3, 2016

Only a century

I was watching some pictures of the last century Posillipo School, when I came across this Artwork

View of the Naples gulf from Stabia (Pimonte)
Johan Christian Claussen Dahl

I immediately looked out my window to understand the differences with that historical period .

so I thought to make a landscape more or less from the same place.

Look what we were able of doing in only a hundred years.
Surely too much more than the Vesuvius itself.