"Sarno river sunset" Oil on 20x50 cm. linen canvas

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


"Jonhatan" detail

So it seems impossible to save our earth!

2010 24x33 Pastels and colored pencils on fabriano paper

We are living the last days with a heavy sense of anguish.
Personally, we are afraid when we start to draw and paint in an expressionistic way,
it means that we hurry to finish the work we have in hand before it is too late.

"Vesuvius Sunset"
2010 24x33 Pastels and colored pencils on fabriano paper

We do not know whether it is for our particular situation,
but we can not put our heart on the drawing board to devote ourselves to finish the job well.

2010 24x3 pastels and colored pencils on fabriano paper

2010 24x33 pastels and colored pencils on fabriano paper

Our friend Jonathan has said enough with the flights:

 it had to stay on the ground because of the cloud of the volcano in Iceland

so it has decided to take a look at some trash dump and it finds oil generously lavished in the ocean instead.

What if to keep prices high?

2010 24x33 Pastels and colored pencils on murillo grey paper

These invent a day one of it to make money.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Linda was already waiting for me,
under my chair,ready to begin working.
So we take some Medlars
in a small capodimonte pot
on an embroidered white doily
and begin to work.

Despite the mess that we work with,but that it is, just a passion!
We have the impression that something good will come out also this morning.

2010 24x33 cm. Pastel and colored pencils on fabriano paper

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Artist's pride

Watching around the Web to thank a friend who leaved
a comment on one of my father artworks,
we came across a discussion in which the forum moderator
exalted the artistic talents of a poor,little dauber
making it drop directly from the Olympus gods.
At my question if that was a good artist as the moderator said,
my father replied :
"You know that I don't like a lot to speak of art,
but I like instead to do it.
You also know what I did make in my past life of painter,
so I'll prove to you that a subject that I usually was painting in 1980s
can still make an impression now!
They have now so many tools
(computers, digital cameras, projectors, plotters, etc..)
to think they are good artists just because
they are able to trace or color their printed images.
What they would be if without photograph?".
2010 24x33 Pastels and colored pencil on fabriano paper

Monday, May 17, 2010

Waking early

We wake up very early every morning. So we can see the dawn rise over the beautiful valley of Vesuvio.
If the weather is good we fill our eyes with the beautiful colors of the River Sarno valley,
but we can no longer work for the entire morning.
If instead the weather is a bit gloomy we need to work and try to get the lights and colors we need.
This morning we tried a beautiful color of hair resembling the Linda's fur, our dog!
"Waking early"
2010 24x33 cm. Pastel and colored pencils on Fabriano paper

It is too early to stop working.
So, since we have some colors on the table,let's start another nude figure.
We begin to fund the incarnate making a simple texture
that use also the white paper.

Now let's work to shadows in order to have
a tridimensional sense

Some lines with pencils to obtain the darkest zones and details

We add some lights to have
a finished aspect.

"My best friend"
2010 24x33 pastel and colored pencils on Fabriano paper

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Remember Sarno river

When my father was young he met the first time his painting teacher
while working next a little bridge, said "The girls bridge", on the Sarno river.
The Sarno river is a river that cuts the whole landlow of Vesuvius.
This valley is one of the most fertile lands of Campania.
Do you know S.Marzano tomatoes?
Yust one of the thousand good earth's product of the Sarno Valley.
"Save Sarno river"
2010 24x33 cm. pastels and colored pencils on fabriano paper
(private collection)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring colors need

This morning he had a great need of spring colors,
something like that he saw on riding his honda interceptor,
so he has drawn in a few lines this landscape of the country of Paestum.
I don't know if his fast having his colors depends from his 6o years old age
painter experience or from his habit to motorbike speed.
I know very well instead it is a great show to see his colors borning in a breath on the paper.
"Paestum country"
2010 24x33 cm. Pastels and colored pencils on Fabriano paper

(private collection)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vesuvius sunset condivide

We just thought that it would be a good idea to condivide
with all friends these landscapes keept in real time
(ten minutes ago) from our window :
they will use the pictures as well they like,
since we think that nature is for anyone
and that there are not two artists that may do the same thing.