"Sarno river sunset" Oil on 20x50 cm. linen canvas

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some place

I think that in the world of the art there is some place for my father too.
That's why I created this blog : he would never make anything to go out of his romantic hull.
So I hope he finds friends and collectors who help him remain active for much longer.
He actually lives in Gragnano (Naples Italy).
Each of his painting in this phase is done in pastels and watersoluble pencils on coloured paper.

They have passed more than twenty years from the last paintings,
no longer using a pencil on paper.I was almost ten years old.
"OLga with the straw hat"
1987 500x700 mm.

(personal collection)

One morning of 2010 January, however, reappear his pencils and his shed leaflets and here he is again pedaling as one who has not ridden a bike for years, he still knows how to drive it, and above all he still likes it.
When he stopped painting in the distant 1987 I was ready to hide some of his works
that otherwise he would have destroyed as many other "not" liked.

It is a paper aged naturally as is a remnant of sheets bought in 1987, at least it is sure that it will hold up the colors in the time.
Strangely similar other paintings dating back to the eighties as "The shells", never been fixed with some product yet "they hold" the colors as just drawn.
"The shells "
1987 8000x1000 mm.

(personal collection)

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