"Sarno river sunset" Oil on 20x50 cm. linen canvas

Saturday, April 24, 2010

ACEO emotion

Two peachs
24/04/2010 2,5"x3,5"

While drawing a new ACEO with coloured watersoluble pencils...

We decided to condivide
in a very few steps this further experience.
We begin to evoke the shapes of peachs:

then we add some shade:

now we add some tonal light too:

it's time to makeup our peachs:

we continue to add lights and makeup peachs
in order to soften the colors:
we add some details:

it's time to use the magic trick
to give impression of the peachs fuzz:

Some further details:

it's time to sign the work:

So we may ensure our friends that this is a
unique,handmade,and small
artwork however worty to be collected:

We hope we have submitted to everybody
the artist's sense of power to evoke and to see everything
he is able to draw, to paint, to sing, to play, to recite.

You may find more Coda' ACEOs on page


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