"Sarno river sunset" Oil on 20x50 cm. linen canvas

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Neo-painting line.

I finally start to give an answer to my question.

Sarno river sunset
200x500 mm oil on canvas

Why neomelodici singers are so confident of their art.
Yet the cultural bourgeoisie labels them as marginalized: representing subculture of districts or remote little town.
They have singing and musical techniques enviable, and made the relationship with the reality as experienced, in their songs tell the same platitudes of love that say "great" singers.

Sarno river afternoon
300x400 mm oil on canvas

Quite by accident, I watched a video of a great naive painter of the last century, and I realized that the step from a van Gogh to a ligabue is not as long as people think.
Underlying everything there is the real art, that is being always yourself!
I began to think that I can paint landscapes too although I have a deep hatred for all those who have spilled cement everywhere.
I can not think of painting a glimpse without being polluted by a modern construction or worse from a wind turbine or antenna television or telephone.
So I thought to paint from memory or fantasy using a series of initial spots and drawing a landscape and then touch up here and there to make sense of "finished."

Sarno valley
240x300 mm oil on canvas

There I always find my world, even of other times, but deeply attached to my roots.
This is my neo-melodica line, or better my neo-painting line, where I retrieve myself and the pleasure to paint.

Stabia beach
240x300 mm oil on canvas

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